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Latin Fund

When it comes to giving, think of the Latin Fund first. As the cornerstone of our fundraising efforts each year it means the difference between a very good school and a great one for our students.

Formerly known as the Annual Fund, the Latin Fund provides substantial resources for the school’s most important priorities: financial aid, faculty support and educational program. The fund helps us recruit and retain outstanding faculty, attract talented students from across the city and provide a dynamic and innovative school environment.

Who participates in the Latin Fund?

Everyone in the Latin community! Parents, alumni, faculty and staff, grandparents, parents of alumni, former faculty and staff, neighbors and other friends of the school all come together each year to contribute.

How can I give?

Send in a check to the Development Office (59 W. North Blvd., Chicago, IL 60610), drop it off at the school, or give online! Interested in donating securities, planned giving or other ways of supporting the school? Email us at giving@latinschool.org.

What kinds of gifts do people make?

We receive gifts from $20 to more than $25,000 each year. Everyone chooses an amount that is meaningful for them, and each gift is powerful.

I can’t make a large gift – why should I bother at all?

Because a gift of any size has a tremendous impact. Latin is consistently at the top of our peer schools nationally in parent giving, and our alumni giving has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 10 years. There are a lot of people paying attention to participation in the Latin Fund: lead volunteers and donors, and prospective families, teachers and administrators all look to annual giving as a way of measuring how invested the Latin community is in our school.

How is the Latin Fund different from Scholarship Gala?

The Latin Fund and Annual Event both provide critical operating support for Latin, but they play slightly different roles in the community. The Latin Fund is the foundation of philanthropy at Latin - the largest and most broad-based fundraising effort each year. Participation in the Latin Fund is also frequently used as a benchmark measurement of a community’s strength, making support at any level especially powerful – and our top priority.

The Scholarship Gala is a sister campaign to the Latin Fund, and presents a wider range of opportunities for involvement and support – from becoming an individual sponsor to securing corporate sponsorships or donating merchandise. Both are celebratory, community-wide events, and anyone interested in engaging further with the school is encouraged to attend.

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