The Endowment Campaign for Latin
And now is the time for us to imagine everything Latin could be through the strength and flexibility of endowment. The goal of The Endowment Campaign for Latin School is to raise $50 million, increase planned gifts and grow endowment by 220%. If we maintain our strong tradition of annual giving and succeed in growing our endowment, we will enable the school to enhance and sustain its mission over the long term, creating the foundation of permanent resources upon which the school’s excellence will continue to be built – now and for every year to come.
more about why Endowment matters, how endowment is already affecting our students and faculty & how you can be a part of Latin’s legacy.
endowment in action at Latin today & learn about the impact of new founded funds in honor of faculty, family & current students.
a gift today and start investing in what you love about Latin. The sky is the limit, so you can define the Latin of your dreams through endowment.
Everything you need to know about Endowment
Explained by Zoe, George and Zyana

Why Endowment?

It's a Differentiator
Endowment distinguishes the most successful schools. Why? With a greater endowment, Latin can support the programs and people that have made it a nationally recognized school, while at the same time, allow us to remain innovative and agile as opportunities arise.

Want to learn more about how endowment can impact our school?
It Strengthens Annual Giving
Among schools in its benchmark peer group, Latin ranks first in annual giving (Latin Fund & Annual Event), but second to last in endowment. Building the school’s endowment is the most important investment we can make in Latin’s future and the people who define Latin – faculty, students and families. While we still need to maintain our tradition of healthy annual giving from year to year, a stronger endowment will increase the flexibility & agility with which we can approach educational innovation.
Gifts of Any Size
Make a Difference
Consider doubling your gift for this special year, maintaining your Latin Fund and the annual event sponsorship and designating the increase to endowment. Your gift is preserved in perpetuity with community funds pooled for maximum benefit and invested to achieve long-term growth. That means every gift matters! Naming opportunities begin at $100,000, but you can designate gifts of any size to existing endowment funds, found here.

Endowment In Action

Honoring the legacy of a beloved English teacher
Ensuring learning resources for every student
Dr. Dolezal's continuing impact on students
Building a community that embraces all of Chicago
The time to invest in Latin's Future is today.

Our Investment Philosophy
Latin’s primary goal for its endowment is to achieve returns sufficient to sustain an annual 4.5% draw plus inflationary growth to maintain the endowment’s purchasing power over time. The annual draw rate is consistent with best practices among endowments being managed for sustainable growth.

The Board Investment Committee oversees all investment activity, with advice and implementation from a professional asset management consultant. All investments are guided by a disciplined allocation strategy with consistent targets and ranges.

Endowment is diversified across asset classes as well as across multiple managers within each asset class where possible.