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Roman Athletics

Track and Field 22-23

Athletics play an important role in the well-rounded educational experience offered at Latin.

Latin’s interscholastic program strives to develop confident, enthusiastic and disciplined athletes who use their full physical potential and learn the value of teamwork and the importance of sportsmanship. We strive to develop leadership and ethical behavior in our athletes, while encouraging a life-long love for sports and fitness.



MASCOT: The Roman

COLORS: Blue & Orange

CONFERENCE: Independent School League, Illinois High School Association Member

FACILITIES: full-sized swimming pool, three gymnasiums, fitness center, athletic training room

In the past decade
  • Boys tennis, boys soccer, boys cross country, and girls track and field won team state championships and students from boys tennis, girls tennis, girls track and field, and girls cross country won individual state championships.
  • Latin won conference, regional and sectional titles in volleyball, softball, basketball, tennis, soccer, baseball, cross country, track and field, golf, and field hockey.
  • Latin athletes were state qualifiers in both girls and boys: track, golf, cross country, swimming, and tennis.
  • In the last four years, more than 48 Latin student athletes have continued their athletics careers in college.

Athletic teams

upper school

79% students play sports, 13 varsity sports offered, 41 teams fielded

middle school

80% students play sports, 8 sports offered, 23 teams fielded

lower school

60% of third and fourth graders participate in three Rising Romans sports


Lower School

In addition to regular physical education classes, students are introduced to a variety of team sports throughout their lower school years. Beginning in third grade, students can participate in Rising Romans which is the feeder program for middle school interscholastic sports.

The program provides students with intensive skill development and exposure to intramural competition.

Students can choose to participate in:

  • Baseball/Softball
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Girls on the Run
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
lower school students playing volleyball


Middle School

The middle school athletics program gives students the opportunity to explore a variety of interscholastic sports with a focus on participation and skill building in game situations. About 80 percent of students play in at least one sport during the school year. Upon finishing their middle school athletics experience, students will be physically and mentally prepared for the more competitive and demanding upper school athletics program.

My team makes me feel good. We're friends and we support and depend on each other.

- Middle school varsity girls athlete
  • Boys Soccer (JV/Varsity)
  • Cross Country (5-8 coed)
  • Girls Field Hockey (JV/Varsity)
  • Girls Volleyball (5-8)
  • Water Polo (5-8 coed)
  • Boys Basketball (5-8)
  • Girls Basketball (5th grade team/JV/Varsity)
  • Boys Baseball (JV/Varsity)
  • Boys Volleyball (5-8)
  • Girls Soccer (JV/Varsity)
  • Girls Softball (JV/Varsity)
  • Boys and Girls Track Club (5-8 coed)


Upper School

Latin fields more than 40 teams in 23 different sports in the upper school and approximately 80 percent of students play on a team each school year. Every season Latin athletes compete successfully at conference, regional, sectional, and state levels. Team captains are required to participate in the Captain's Council, a mentoring program that focuses on building leadership skills.

Latin is an active partner in the Positive Coaching Alliance out of Stanford University which promotes sports as a positive, character-building experience.

Joining a sports team freshman year is one of the best ways to get to know people in your class and in other grades.

- upper school student
Boys Volleyball 22-23
  • Boys Cross Country (JV/Varsity)
  • Girls Cross Country (JV/Varsity)
  • Girls Field Hockey (JV/Varsity)
  • Boys Golf (JV/Varsity)
  • Girls Golf (JV/Varsity)
  • Boys Soccer (JV/Varsity)
  • Girls Swimming (JV/Varsity)
  • Girls Tennis (JV/Varsity)
  • Girls Volleyball (Freshman/JV/Varsity)
  • Girls Figure Skating Club
  • Boys and Girls Sailing Club
  • Boys Basketball (Freshman/JV/Varsity)
  • Girls Basketball (JV/Varsity)
  • Boys Swimming (JV/Varsity)
  • Girls Figure Skating Club
  • Boys and Girls Squash Club
  • Boys and Girls Indoor Track and Field Club
  • Boys Baseball (JV/Varsity)
  • Boys Lacrosse
  • Girls Lacrosse
  • Girls Soccer (JV/Varsity)
  • Girls Softball (JV/Varsity)
  • Boys Tennis (JV/Varsity)
  • Boys Track (JV/Varsity)
  • Girls Track (JV/Varsity)
  • Boys Volleyball (JV/Varsity)
  • Boys Water Polo (JV/Varsity)
  • Girls Water Polo (JV/Varsity)
  • Boys and Girls Sailing Club
  • Boys and Girls Ultimate Frisbee Club

Life Lessons

At Latin we believe that sports present many opportunities for teaching important life lessons.

Listen to our podcast with about the mental approach to sports and how students can take these skills from basketball court to Wall Street.

Captain's Council
Each season team captains are required to participate in the Captain's Council, a mentoring program that focuses on leadership skills building.

Positive Coaching Alliance
Latin is an active partner in the Positive Coaching Alliance out of Stanford University which promotes sports as a positive character-building experience.

Positive Coaching Alliance. Better Athletes. Better People.

Athletics Day of Service
The Athletics Department plans a day each season to perform community service with local organizations, schools and community groups.


Confident, Enthusiastic and Disciplined Athletes

baseball players on field