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High School Timeline for Preparing to Play College Athletics

The College-Bound Athlete: The roles and rights of students, parents, coaches and school and how Latin School of Chicago’s College Counseling and Athletic Departments can help student-athletes.

There is no question that the pursuit of sports, the desire to “best” oneself physically and participate in healthy competition, has countless benefits for school-aged children. It helps provide structure in the day-to-day life of high school students and at the very least enhances peer relationships with others who share common interests. The benefits can be endless and the personal reward multifold. However, pursuing athletic interests and playing varsity level sport in college can be a complicated journey fraught with even more uncertainty than the college admission process. At the most minimal, the desire to play a sport in college is bound to complicate a student’s process and we would like to offer some tips and insights to provide clarity for students and parents.

Latin intends to support the college-bound athlete as best as possible within our means of expertise. We know that playing in college is often a long-lived dream for some students. By explicating the roles of the student-athlete, parent, high school coach, and college counselor, we hope to provide tools, timelines, and approaches coupled with a realistic philosophy to help ground our families and students.

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