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College Recruiting & College Athletes

High School Timeline for Preparing to Play College Athletics

Freshman Year

  • Continue to develop athletic skills and speed.
  • Play school and club sports, if possible
  • Attend as many athletic camps as possible.
  • Practice, practice, practice – there is no substitute for hard work.
  • Develop strong academic skills and study habits. Good study habits are an important part of time management skills. A sound academic work ethic also pays off in athletics.

Sophomore Year

  • Keep the same jersey number now through senior year.
  • Attend athletic camps. Many athletic camps are held on college campuses and provide a great opportunity to see schools and coaches.
  • Prepare for the SAT and ACT. Plan dates – make sure to allow time for a retake.
  • Talk with coaches about athletic strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Arrange for a video showing playing/game highlights and begin sending video to coaches.

Junior Year

  • Think about what colleges would be good matches academically, athletically and personally.
  • Compile a college list and gather addresses for coaches. (www.petersons.com) or (www.collegeboard.com)
  • Investigate for each college the coach and team: its strengths, weaknesses, and openings on the team.
  • Take the SAT and ACT. Arrange for them to be sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center, code 9999.
  • Start completing applications, including essays.
  • Prepare "player presentation" (picture, player profile, athletic resume, DVD, unofficial transcripts, description of Latin, game and tournament schedule and directions).
  • Contact college coaches for sending the "player presentation."
  • Fill out the "Player Questionnaire." Most colleges have one on their athletic website.
  • During tours of colleges, interview with as many coaches as possible.
  • Ask appropriate questions and evaluate important details.
  • Register with NCAA Eligibility Center if considering playing at the Division I or Division II level in college. (www.ncaa.org)
  • Create a file of deadline dates for each school that interests you.

Senior Year

  • Keep grades up; play and practice; stay in shape.
  • Be proactive. Contact and visit colleges of interest.
  • Stay in touch with college coaches – send updates, i.e. awards, camps.
  • Take the SAT and ACT again.
  • Complete college applications. Do not procrastinate!
  • Once accepted to college, revisit schools of interest.
Summer Before College Freshman Year
  • Work out and practice so that you arrive in shape!

The College-Bound Athlete: The roles and rights of students, parents, coaches and school and how Latin School of Chicago’s College Counseling and Athletic Departments can help student-athletes.

There is no question that the pursuit of sports, the desire to “best” oneself physically and participate in healthy competition, has countless benefits for school-aged children. It helps provide structure in the day-to-day life of high school students and at the very least enhances peer relationships with others who share common interests. The benefits can be endless and the personal reward multifold. However, pursuing athletic interests and playing varsity level sport in college can be a complicated journey fraught with even more uncertainty than the college admission process. At the most minimal, the desire to play a sport in college is bound to complicate a student’s process and we would like to offer some tips and insights to provide clarity for students and parents.

Latin intends to support the college-bound athlete as best as possible within our means of expertise. We know that playing in college is often a long-lived dream for some students. By explicating the roles of the student-athlete, parent, high school coach, and college counselor, we hope to provide tools, timelines, and approaches coupled with a realistic philosophy to help ground our families and students.

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Recent Alumni College Athletes


Jack Tempone '19, Beloit College

Keaton Bubala '18, DePauw University

Alec Kotler '18, Carleton College

Ethan Jones '16, Lawrence University

Zach Gonzalez ’15 , Swarthmore College

Ian Surdell ’15, Babson College

Jackson Bubala ’13, Dartmouth College


Jade Edwards '18, American University

Kathryn Stender '17, Grinnell College

Brennan Besser ’15, Duke University

Gaurav Goparaju ’15, New York University

Liam Farley ’13, Bowdoin College

Eloise Cotton ’12, University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Ethan Lee ’12, Swarthmore College



Devin Mendelson '18, Hamilton College

Will Nuelle ’15, Stanford University

Isabel Weiss ’15, University of Virginia

Caroline Kaplan, Columbia University

Jared Levin ’12, University of Pennsylvania

Meg Roberts ’12, Wellesley College

William “Andrew” Crown ’11, Harvard University

Cross Country

Simon Ricci '16, California Institute of Technology

Abigail Nadler ’15, Middlebury College

Victoria Bianco ’14, Northwestern University

Britt Henderson ’12, Washington University in St. Louis

Ethan Lee ’12, Swarthmore College

Nick Stender ’11, Dickinson College


David Shindell ’14, Lafayette College

Field Hockey

Natalia Smith '19, Tufts University

Emma Hyer '18, Kenyon College

Emma Goldberg '17, Colgate University

Lucy Pearsall ’15, Denison University


Edward Hardman ’12, Grinnell College

Jordan Bank ’11, Pomona College


Knox Montgomery ’15, Denison University

Joey Sallerson ’15, Bates College

Mark “Chris” Majkowski ’12, Kenyon College


Helen Hu '19, University of Missouri

Olivia Karas ’15, University of Michigan

Ice Hockey

Kate Pohl '19, Amherst College

Nordic Skiing

Andrew Nadler ’13, Dartmouth College


MacKenzie Guynn '19, Dartmouth College


Marleigh Belsley '19, Cornell University

Nikolas Chambers '19, Northwestern University

Will Davies '18, Northwestern University

Allie Cahn '16, Boston University

Mark Davies '16, Northwestern University

Elizabeth Guynn ’12, Dartmouth College


Michael Davis '19, Williams College

Lily Keiderling '18, Tufts University

John Schuler '17, Colorado College

Henry Schuler ’14, Colorado College

Anel Vaca ’13, Knox College

James “Theo” Atkinson ’11, Occidental College

Louisa Costa ’11, Williams College

Sam Austin ’11 , Johns Hopkins University

Alex Dago ’11, MIT


Millen Randell '19, Navy Academy

Will Coburn '17, Wesleyan University

Philip Demeulenaere ’15, Brown University

Swimming & Diving

Leah Cravitz '16, Wesleyan University

Max Falb ’15, New York University

Kate Guynn ’15, Colorado College

Charlotte Rosenberg ’15, Brown University

Rebecca Andruzzi ’14, Trinity University

Kevin Ward ’13, Pomona College

Ashley Henderson ’12, Bucknell University

Jessica Andruzzi ‘11, University of Rhode Island

Sarah Kaminski ’11, Trinity University


Alessandra Bianco '18, Brown University

Michael Sarazen '17, Connecticut College

Cameron Arkin ’13, Wesleyan University

Robert Rajfer ’13, Trinity College

Ben Quazzo ’11, Princeton University

Track and Field

Tori Cohen '19, Case Western Reserve University

Keegan Barone '16, Carnegie Mellon

Simon Ricci '16, California Institute of Technology

Henry Baldwin ’15, Colorado College

Eric Gofen ’15, Pomona College

Jacob Silverman ’15, Amherst College

Nadja Knox ’14, Allegheny College

Camille Coklow ’12, Mount Holyoke College

Ale Foresti ’12, Providence College

Kristina Harris ’12, New York University

Nick Stender ’11, Dickinson College



Charlotte Cronister '19, Northwestern University

Kelsey Watkins '19, Furman University

Catie Cronister '16, Wofford College

Alexa Markman ’15, University of New Hampshire

Isabel Sessions ’15, Middlebury College

Leah Mellett ’14, Beloit College

Nicole Heckman ’13, Knox College

Jaqueline Surdell ’11, Occidental College

Water Polo

Sam Orlin '17, Occidental College