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Art encourages students to adopt the mindset of a learner by exploring new ideas, embracing creativity and trying something new.

Performing and visual arts are integral to Latin' s curriculum, and students have many extracurricular opportunities to share their art with others through concerts, plays, art exhibits and competitions.

In the lower school, students in grades one through four are able to participate in the children’s choir and beginning in fifth grade, students may join the wind ensemble elective program.

The school has two galleries devoted to exhibiting the work of students and faculty, as well as to showcase artists not affiliated with the school to encourage discussion and expose students to new perspectives. There also are several after-school clubs devoted to the visual arts.



Exhibits hosted annually in Latin's Gallery 2

We showcase the art of students, faculty & staff, alumni, and professional artists.

Art Resources & Facilities
  • middle and upper school art studios, lower school art room
  • photography lab and darkroom
  • multimedia production lab
  • band room
  • chorus room
  • four music practice areas
  • lower school music room
  • two art galleries
  • 500-seat theater
  • scene shop
  • costume room
  • lower school kiln

Performing arts productions and concerts in a year

(LS/MS/US) including seven theater productions and 12 musical performances

Arts at Latin

paint splash

Talk about life long learning, at the age of 93, Claes Oldenburg '46 just unveiled his exciting new installation, “Plantoir, Blue,” in place this spring at the entrance to the Channel Gardens at Rockefeller Center. Learn more about this groundbreaking installation and Oldenburg's work.



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middle school play

This year’s middle school production, “Starry Messenger,” told the story of one of the world's greatest scientists, Galieo Galilei. Participating in the play is not only a fun after school activity for students, it also helps them build critical skills that will benefit them in high school, college and beyond. 

The drama program in middle school encourages collaboration with others as they create the production together. Students also gain proficiency in articulation, projection, and confidence to perform before an audience in the future.

See them in action!


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The upper school AP Studio Art class provides students with the opportunity to synthesize the knowledge that they’ve gained from other art courses and focus on the skill of idea development. The class is centered around a review-critique-revise process in order to produce a more compelling piece of work. Learn more about this community of artists in Art Teacher Christine Holloway’s class.


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Students working on soldering in graphic design class

Students in Visual Arts Teacher Derek Haverland's Computer Graphic Design class are working on LED light boxes. First they created a design in Adobe Illustrator. They have been working with Shane Enderle, Innovation Studio manager, to print those designs on the Glowforge and a 3D printer. Next they will learn how to solder (join two metals together) before using coding to program the light colors and timing.


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