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Looking Back

New Course Reassess the Nazi Mind

This excerpt from Latin's newsletter, Pro tem, was written by Ingrid Dorer Fitzpatrick in January 1980.

While the pages of history are filled with the triumphs and achievements of man, they contain also a long record of human suffering. The 12 years of National Socialist rule in Germany are part of that record. More than 30 year after the end of World War II, the atrocities of the Nazi era still haunt us. Neither the news and film industries nor the world of scholarship and our consciences have let us forget. Never before had modern technology been put in service of such massive destruction conceived and carried out by a major modern state.

Read the full article in the Winter 2018 edition of Latin Magazine.

Classic Class Notes

Latin has been publishing alumni class notes since 1902, when they first appeared in the Sigillum (the boys school yearbook). Much like today, alumni reported on their marriages, births, job placements, promotions and transfers. But, back-in-the-day, alumni also shared news of their athletic achievements, club memberships, travel adventures and even their illnesses.

Perhaps this selection of classic class notes will inspire you to pen your own in a classic style. Read the full article in the Summer 2017 edition of Latin Magazine.

Artifacts Uncovered: The Untold Tales

Latin's archives boast a rich array of candid photos that serve as a window to another era. Easily shared on social media, these images tend to take the archival center stage. But in this edition of Looking Back, we take some of our treasured artifacts and objects off the darkened storage shelves and give them a turn in the spotlight and a chance to tell their tales. Read the stories on pages 4 and 57 in the Fall 2015 edition of Latin Magazine.

Latin's Many Homes

For 124 years, Latin has provided an outstanding education and nurturing environment for its students. While the Latin spirit has remained the same, the buildings themselves have come and gone, and evolved dramatically. Here, we take a look back at the places Latin students have called home over the years.

Do you remember where the boys school had study hall? What the playground at Scott Street looked like? See photos from the archives and read more about Latin's many homes in the Spring 2013 issue of Latin Magazine.

Share Your Photos and Tell Your Story

Every picture tells a story, and we need you to share yours. The vast majority of images in Latin's archives come from our yearbook collection. Candid, personal, photos, offer a unique glimpse into student life. The theme of Latin's 125th Anniversary is Our Stories, Our School. Now is the time to tell your story. Please share your memories by sending photos to the Alumni Office. Thank you! See some of the photos from the Archives in the Fall 2012 edition of Latin Magazine.

From the Archives

Latin's 125th Anniversary Celebration will take place during the 2013-2014 school year. In anticipation of this important milestone, the Alumni Office has begun archiving, studying and researching Latin's long and rich history. Telegrams, photos, yearbooks, letters and party invitation can be found in the archives, and all have a story to tell. Fascinating tidbits from the past include a summer class assignment to tame wild animals, historic yearbook photos, old newspaper clippings about Latin happenings and much more. See more photos in the Spring 2012 Latin Magazine.