A coeducational day school serving students JK-12

Portrait of a Latin Learner

One of the primary outcomes of our strategic planning efforts was the creation of our Portrait of Latin Learner. 

The Portrait was developed by a team of faculty, staff and administrators that used feedback provided by various stakeholder groups to identify and articulate what students should know and be able to do during their time at Latin. It applies to every student at the school (JK-12), which enables us to more accurately and effectively measure their growth and progress over a longer period of time. It is focused on a student’s entire learning experience (curricular and co-curricular), which promotes greater consistency and alignment across our three divisions. It also helps us assess where students are and want to be in their learning, which fosters increased collaboration among those (faculty, staff and parents/guardians) who guide and support their education. 

Below are the data-driven competencies that make up the Portrait of a Latin Learner and information about how they contribute to the success of our students and put them at the heart of everything we do.