A coeducational day school serving students JK-12

Our Faculty & Staff

Latin students are inspired and supported by an exceptional faculty and staff.

Two qualities our faculty and staff share: an unmistakable warmth and affection for their students and a commitment to ensuring that everyone feels successful. The relationships that students build with each other, their teachers, coaches, counselors, advisors and deans are at the heart of the Latin experience.

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Jessica Wain

Jessica Wain

Titles: Associate Director of Development
Degrees: B.A. Northwestern University
M.S. DePaul University
Departments: Development and Alumni Relations
Robert Wellen

Robert Wellen

Titles: Middle School History and Social Studies
Degrees: B.A. Haverford College
Departments: History and Social Studies, Middle School

Faye Wells

Titles: Upper School Science
Degrees: B.S. Loyola University-Chicago
M.S.DePaul University
M.Ed. DePaul University
Departments: Science, Upper School Division
Lauren Wetherbee

Lauren Wetherbee

Titles: Upper School Test Prep
Degrees: B.S. University of Illinois
M.S. University of London
MBA Indiana University
Departments: Upper School Division
Wayne Wheatley

Wayne Wheatley

Titles: Middle School Science
Departments: Science, Middle School

Ruby Wirsum

Titles: Junior Kindergarten
Departments: Lower School

Leah Wolf

Titles: Upper School Computer Science
Degrees: B.A. Hamilton College
Departments: Upper School Division, Computer Science

Brian Woodhouse

Titles: Lower School Science
Degrees: B.A. Binghamton University
M.A. Binghamton University
Departments: Science
Brandon Woods

Brandon Woods

Titles: Upper School English, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Curriculum Coordinator
Degrees: B.A. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
M.A. University of Pennsylvania
PhD University of Pennsylvania
Departments: English, Upper School Division
Lucie Wright

Lucie Wright

Titles: Upper School History
Departments: History and Social Studies, Upper School Division
Stephen Wright

Stephen Wright

Titles: Upper School Learning Specialist
Degrees: B.A. University of Virginia
M.S. Old Dominion University
Departments: Learning Resources, Upper School Division
Kelly Wyatt

Kelly Wyatt

Titles: Middle School French
Degrees: B.A. University of Tennessee
M.A.T. Middle Tennessee State University
Departments: Languages

Jill Yacu

Titles: Middle and Upper School Nurse
Degrees: B.A. University of Montana
BSN Loyola University-Chicago
Departments: Nurse/Health Offices, Middle School

Aveva Yufit

Titles: Lower School Counselor
Degrees: B.A. University of Wisconsin
M.A. University of Chicago
Departments: Counseling

Victor Zavaleta

Titles: Custodian
Departments: Maintenance
Koren Zelek

Koren Zelek

Titles: Lower School Learning Resources
Degrees: B.S. DePaul University
M.Ed. DePaul University
Departments: Learning Resources

Chengkuan Zhou

Titles: Upper School Chinese
Departments: Languages, Upper School Division
Alex Zotos

Alex Zotos

Titles: Assistant Director of College Counseling
Degrees: B.A. Providence College
M.Ed. Merrimack College
Departments: College Counseling
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