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Latin is always learning.

Our 134th year of teaching and learning begins with a sustained commitment to our liberal arts foundation, as well as the promise to continually define excellence in education for the world our students will inhabit. Our vision challenges us to make learning even more personal, inquiry-based and inclusive for every member of the Latin community--all Latin learners.

We understand--and research proves--that the most effective, most compelling learning happens when students feel engaged, healthy and included. At Latin, we create the conditions for this type of learning by utilizing our innovative curriculum, broad range of extracurricular programs (artistic, athletic and academic), innovative teaching methods and thoughtfully-designed spaces to ensure the growth, wellness and achievement of all learners. We are sustained in all of this work by our values of excellence, community and integrity.

As a result, Latin learners are conscious and proactive about their learning, paving the way for the development of critical skills and an understanding of who they are that serves them not just in college, but for a lifetime.

Be a Latin Learner! Dive into our curriculum, engage with our people and explore our spaces. Let curiosity be your guide and a growth mindset be your goal...this is the essence of the Latin experience.

Thomas Hagerman, Head of School

Thomas Hagerman, Head of School

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Latin Community Values

Our shared values of excellence, community and integrity affirm and define us. They serve as guideposts for all we do, and connect us — students, faculty, staff, families and alumni — to each other and to Latin.

  • We develop the skills, knowledge and desire to solve complex problems through a global, liberal arts curriculum and master teaching.
  • We identify our interests, learn to advocate for ourselves and others and become architects of our own educations.
  • We promote physical and emotional wellness because they are essential to the pursuit of educational excellence and our happiness.

  • We support and celebrate one another and take responsibility for our words and actions, because we shape the lives of others in our community.
  • We embrace diversity within our school and in Chicago, knowing that it deepens our learning and enhances our empathy.
  • We use our resources wisely in order to be good stewards of our community and our world.

  • We are honest, fair and fulfill the commitments we make, building a culture of respect and mutual trust.
  • We give our best effort, take intellectual risks and learn to persevere.
  • We reflect and live with purpose, working toward goals that embody our genuine interests.

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