A coeducational day school serving students JK-12


The strength of the Latin community, in part, lies in our many long-standing traditions. These things bring us together and serve as a reminder of all we share.
The year Latin was founded by a small group of parents. The first class was made up of 10 middle school boys.
Mabel Slade Vickery

Latin’s first headmistress and founder of Latin School. Miss Vickery’s devotion to innovative teaching and learning and to student wellness remains alive in the school today. Miss Vickery's birthday is celebrated on September 13.

the Latin seal

In Latin, this word means “faithfulness” or “loyalty” and was adopted as the school’s motto in 1898. It still appears on the school’s official crest.

Orange and Blue

Latin’s school colors since 1906. 

The Romans/Roman
The name of all Latin's athletic teams and the school mascot.

The Alma Mater

The official school song written in the 1930s. It is sung at many major school events. (Hint: if you need the words, they are printed on the walls of the upper school lobby.)

girls basketball players cheering

Big Games
Latin’s most-attended athletic event, the girls and boys varsity basketball teams go on the road to the DePaul University arena to play on a big stage. The upper school band also performs and the Rising Romans basketball teams play at half-time.

The Latin Fight Song
Written by former band director Michael Teolis in 1996, this song is a fan favorite. It is sung at pep rallies, athletic events and anywhere else Latin spirit strikes.


Mabel Slade Vickery

Mabel Slade Vickery
was born in Winchester, MA in 1854. After graduating from Boston University, she was preparing to attend Radcliffe College but changed her mind at the last moment because of her passion for children’s education. Instead, she attended Salem Normal School, the teachers’ college of the time.


students with Ms. Vickery

Miss Vickery was 34 years old when she arrived in Chicago to head the parent-owned school for boys that later became the Chicago Latin School in 1888. From the beginning, Miss Vickery was strongly committed to the success of the new school. In 1894, when parent sponsorship became uncertain, Miss Vickery took ownership of the school and grew its enrollment, determined to make it financially solvent.

Although small in stature, Miss Vickery exuded an aura of dignity. She always wore a hat in the classroom and had excellent posture. The portrait of Miss Vickery by famed London artist Frank O. Salisbury that hangs in the school today was criticized for making her look taller than she was. In fact, this was purposeful, according to Josephine Wilkins, former student and long-time friend. “[It] was done to emphasize her innate dignity,” Wilkins later wrote.

In the classroom, Miss Vickery was described as a strict but gentle disciplinarian. Her favorite subject was ancient history which she taught in the upper school. Miss Vickery held strong beliefs about education and the well-being of her students.

On her retirement in 1929, Miss Vickery donated $5,000 to establish the girls school’s first library. When the schools merged in 1953, the Mabel Slade Vickery Library moved to the 1531 N. Dearborn building, where it resides today.

Romans Run
One of Latin’s largest community events. Students, parents and alumni of all ages run through Lincoln Park on the Saturday of Homecoming & Reunion weekend.

This annual celebration means “coming together” and is celebrated as our first all-school event every September as a way of kicking off the school year.

Romans Raise & Revel/Scholarship Dinner
Latin’s annual fundraising event is held each March. All proceeds support Latin’s financial aid program which is now more than $4 million annually.



The Latin Fund
Philanthropy has always played an important role in Latin’s history. The Latin Fund provides foundational support for students, faculty and programs. The goal is 100% participation in this fund.

project week logo

Project Week
Started in 1972, P-Week is an opportunity for upper school students to get out of the classroom on a variety of local, national and international learning adventures. It takes place in March. Middle school also has a long standing P-Week tradition which takes place in late April.