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To Latin We Are True

To Latin We Are True

Each year in April, the Alumni Office celebrates Alumni Week in all three divisions with fun activities galore!

Alumni parents visit the youngest grades to share stories and yearbook photos, third graders write penpal letters to our 50th reunion class, middle schoolers compete in a trivia contest against a team of alumni (ask the students how they far ahead they are in the nine-year-old series!) and all students in the upper school search for photos of alumni hidden around the school and learn how each has stayed active as an alum. Next week, upper schoolers will have the chance to talk with two or three of our thirty-six alumni for the annual Life After Latin program, featuring seventeen panels of speakers from a wide number of careers.  Alumni from around the world got in on the action on April 17th's National Latin Day, celebrating by wearing the orange and blue, writing to or about a favorite teacher, and getting together with fellow Romans. 


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