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Makers, Designers, Developers and Leaders Visited Latin to Celebrate Innovation Week

Makers, Designers, Developers and Leaders Visited Latin to Celebrate Innovation Week

This year's Innovation Week was a huge success thanks to the hard work, preparation and planning from Latin senior David M.! The goal of Innovation Week is to help students develop the tools they need to create something new. Innovation Week is designed to draw connections between different subject fields through unique ways of thinking. Read more about the exciting speakers who visited Latin for this event.

Innovation Week began on Monday, February 26, with a talk from Stuart Frankel (a current Latin Parent). He ran two workshops: one of which was an intimate conversation with students and one was a presentation. Both talks from Stuart discussed the current uses for artificial intelligence, the future of the industry, and how his company (Narrative Science) which uses Quil to take interesting and important data to generate a communication of sorts — such as a short summary of an investment portfolio or a communication that drives a voice-enabled conversation.

During the second day of Innovation Week, we were honored to have Jai Shekhawat (the founder and former CEO of Fieldglass) as our keynote speaker who spoke to the upper school during assembly. This talk consisted of Jai's four insights/lessons from his incredibly unique journey to reach where he is today by using innovation. These lessons ranged from "the need to trust your gut" to the need to "be resilient when things get tough" to the idea that innovation occurs at the cross-section between disciplines. During lunch, Luke Saunders — the founder of Farmer's Fridge (a company for salad vending machines) — led a workshop discussing his experience creating something that no one else is currently doing. Luke spoke about how he is essentially competing with companies such as Subway and McDonalds.

During the lunch workshop on Wednesday, Deborah Quazzo (a former Latin parent) of GSV Acceleration spoke about innovation in the education space. She spoke about her experience running an investment firm that works with education and human resource technologies for businesses. Deborah provided insight into how the industry is attempting to accelerate better outcomes for a larger section of the population in the education space.

The biggest and final day of Innovation Week, Thursday, March 1, was topped off with 10 incredible breakout sessions — that the entire upper school participated in — from various innovators in from the Chicagoland area. Speakers for this included: Lou Canellis (a sportscaster), Victor Saad (higher education startup founder and works with Standford's d.School for Design Thinking), Peter Anthony Jackson '97 (entrepreneur), Libby Castro (architecture/design), Desiree Vargas Wrigley (kids app founder, has been on the TV show Shark Tank), Rebecca Sholiton (lunch box delivery service founder), the founders of Rapunzl (teaching students how to invest), Alan Epstein (photographer), Rumi Morales (investments and cryptocurrencies), and Daniel Streicher (Latin's Entrepreneur-in-Residence).

Check out our Innovation Week photo gallery!

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