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Inspiring the Young Future Latin Leaders of Our World

Inspiring the Young Future Latin Leaders of Our World

Inspired by Future Latin Leaders of Our World (FLLOW) for the third and fourth graders, FLLOW JR was recently created for our younger leaders in first and second grades.

FLLOW JR is specifically designed for elementary students to build skills related to empathy, identity and belonging. FLLOW JR will help students recognize and challenge stereotypes and learn how to mediate conflicts. The group will focus on upstander qualities through various activities and discussions dealing with identity development, labeling, inclusion/exclusion and ally building. Topics are student-driven and are developed based on their experiences and interests as the year progresses. The purpose of FLLOW JR is to empower our students and future Latin leaders to:

  • Understand and affirm differences. "What makes our Latin community unique?"
  • Take a stand against injustice. "Hey, that's not fair!"
  • Become allies for one another. "I am here to support you!"
  • Help young people learn ways to leave the world a little better than the way they found it. "What can I do to make an impact?"

Our goal is to help young people to contribute to the world in positive, age-appropriate ways and embrace this year's theme of leadership. By grounding our students in Latin's mission and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, we will inspire our students to bring their best selves to school each day in a way that inspires others to be their best selves as well.

Check out some photos from our first FLLOW JR session!

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