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Inside Out C'est Magnifique!

Inside Out C'est Magnifique!

Upper school students took their French language skills to a new level and were inspired by street artist JR to create their version of the Inside Out art exhibit and movement. According to JR, the Inside Out project provides a platform for people around the world to share their portrait and make a statement about their own personal identity and for what they stand for.

Portraits of students in upper school French donned the third floor hallway. Each photo featured the student in front of the recognizable Inside Out background, along with a QR code, which anyone could scan and listen to their French recording. The Novice and Novice High level students introduced themselves and what they enjoy doing. Intermediate Low to Intermediate High Literature students introduced themselves, picked an object (visible in their photo), explained its significance and told a story/anecdote that they associate with this object.

This project enabled students to share their personal experiences with their peers and learn about one another as they listen to each other.

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