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Impactful and Extraordinary: Latin in Rwanda

Impactful and Extraordinary: Latin in Rwanda

Andrea A. '19 wanted to share her feelings about the lasting impact and extraordinary memories Latin in Rwanda gave her during the Summer of 2017. She credits this experience to Ms. Dorer, who she says is the most gracious and compassionate person she knows, and Mr. Nichols and the rest of their team for their support. Andrea created this video that was shown to her peers at an upper school assembly in February.

In her own words:

"From the moment we got to the camp, I felt the warmth and love exuding from each and every one of them. An experience like that can be hard to put into words, but there's something more that a picture can capture, an emotion that floods into you once you see it–the brightest smiles on their faces or one of their hands reaching for yours. The most extraordinary aspect of the trip, to me, was seeing the children believe in themselves. Leaving them was difficult for us–even after just a few days–because we had made incredible connections, but I knew then and know now they'll do remarkable things when they grow up." – Andrea A. '19

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