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How Smart is Artificial Intelligence?

How Smart is Artificial Intelligence?

In honor of Computer Science Education Week (December 4-8), Latin students throughout all divisions incorporated artificial intelligence activities into their daily curriculum.

Coinciding with their garden project, JK students watched a video on Lettuce Bots and how artificial intelligence is being used to enhance the future of farming. The SK students competed with the computer in Google Quick Draw, in which artificial intelligence tried to predict what the student was drawing. Second graders were also working on "beating" the computer, using IBM Chef Watson for cognitive cooking, entering ingredients of the school's lunch to see if the computer could decipher what meal the cafeteria would be serving.

Kicking off the CSEd Week in the middle school, representatives from PwC's Experience Center visited assembly and shared a project they worked on, in which AI recognizes the positive or negative sentiments of a song, and then maps that against decades of data to see if music lyrics are trending in a positive or negative direction. The middle school also participated in a Beat Shazam Challenge. Similar to the TV show, students competed against each other and Shazam (the app) to determine who knows their music best. The fun continued during the week with the Bot or Not Challenge in the MS Hub (library), where students determined whether a poem was written by a bot or a human.

The upper school welcomed coder and Sprout Social Software Engineer Lorena Mesa, who spoke to students about the differences between artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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