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Engineering Amigos

Engineering Amigos

Engineering Amigos is a program in the lower school that pairs each fourth grade student with an SK “amigo” to engage in a series of engineering and design challenges throughout the year. The program began in 2016 and it continues to grow and change each year.

The big idea for the challenges is to develop habits of mind around engineering and design for all students. Some of the engineering habits of mind include:

  • Developing processes in order to solve problems

  • Envisioning multiple solutions

  • Applying science and math knowledge to problem-solving

  • Recognizing that mistakes are part of the process

  • Working cooperatively

  • Communicating effectively

  • Seeing themselves as engineers (problem-solvers who use the Engineering/Design Process)

The first challenge this year was the Paper Chain challenge. The amigos were tasked with creating the longest paper chain with a set amount of supplies. Each pair of students talked and planned first and then began their designs. Almost all teams changed their designs partway through the challenge to make improvements. Our fourth graders demonstrated leadership and kindness. Another activity was the Tower Power challenge. Later this spring students will design catapults as a part of the SK force and motion unit in science. 

The amigos walk downstairs to assemblies each week, holding hands and chatting. Before winter break, the amigos partnered up for a community service project. They upcycled old t-shirts to make dog toys that were delivered to The Anti Cruelty Society. 

The program continues to grow and change each year. No matter what the challenge, the amigos enjoy working together and solving problems.

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