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Dr. Michele Borba: Raising Empathetic Kids in the Age of the Selfie

Dr. Michele Borba: Raising Empathetic Kids in the Age of the Selfie

On October 23, Michele Borba, Ed.D., educational psychologist and author, gave a presentation to a large audience of Latin parents on "Raising Empathetic Kids in the Age of the Selfie."

Drawing upon years of research, Dr. Borba spoke about the importance of teaching empathy, noting its central role in children's well-being and future success. She identified nine competences essential to cultivating empathy, such as perspective taking, moral imagination, collaboration and moral courage and described steps to take, at home and at school to support development of these skills. During her visit to Latin, Dr. Borba also met with students, faculty and administrators.

To complement Dr. Borba's presentation, Latin's Parent Association sponsored a morning event with Director of Studies Jed Silverstein on October 26. Using a discussion based "class" format, Jed encouraged the group to reflect on the nine competences outlined by Dr. Borba, and to explore how Latin can support the development of these skills in students. Parents learned about some of the work taking place inside and outside the classroom and shared ideas about promoting a kind and compassionate culture for students of all ages.The discussion among parents was enlightening and engaging. If you missed this one, please be on the look-out for other PA-sponsored events with Latin's faculty and administration.

- Latin PA Parent Education Committee
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