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7 Things You Should Know about the New Upper School Learning Commons (Coming in 2018!)

7 Things You Should Know about the New Upper School Learning Commons (Coming in 2018!)

Next fall, students will return from summer break to a new space that will be a game-changer for teaching and learning in the upper school. The new Learning Commons will replace Latin's outdated library and cafeteria, both designed more than 50 years ago. The Commons will integrate a streamlined cafeteria, modern library, computer science, technology, students support services, and more into a learning environment designed to meet our students' needs today and into the future. Here are seven reasons you should be excited about this transformative project:

1. The new Learning Commons will combine a streamlined cafeteria with a central space for dining, socializing and studying.

Currently, upper school students can spend as much as 25 minutes of a 35-minute lunch block waiting for food. The new cafeteria will reduce stress and give students a much-needed break during the middle of their day.

2. In addition to the central, more social area, the Learning Commons will include six smaller nooks and eight separate rooms for quiet study and collaborative learning.

Today, upper school students have almost no dedicated spaces to socialize. The library is often used as a social space, distracting students who need quiet to study. The new Learning Commons will be a hub for student life while accommodating the learning needs of all of our students.

3. A new, fourth-floor bridge will connect the Learning Commons directly to the Science Center, giving students better access to the Science Center throughout the day.

Currently, it can take students more than the standard five-minute passing period to get from the Science Center on the fourth floor of the middle school.

4. The new, modernized library will integrate technology resources to meet the needs of students today and in the future.

The current library was designed in the late-1960's for students to learn using only books and periodicals. But don't worry, there will still be a substantial collection of physical books!

5. Our computer science faculty will move into new classroom and office space in the Learning Commons, next door to a new Innovation Studio/Maker Space.

6. The Learning Commons will include a new Writing Lab and connect directly to the Learning Resources and Counseling offices.

7. Construction is scheduled to begin in June, so the new Learning Commons will be ready in September 2018 for the start of the school year!

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