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Use Your Voice and Vote

Please use your voices and vote! - Shefali S. ’30, Neera P. ’30, Saheli S. ’34 & Aakash P. ’34 Some of the tiniest voices at Latin are making a big difference. Four students–two third graders, Shefali S. ’30 and Neera P. ’30, and their two siblings in JK, Saheli S. ’34 and Aakash P. ’34 –have embarked on a remarkable mission.

These students were disappointed to learn that they were not yet old enough to vote. They were even more disappointed to discover that people who can vote, don’t always use their voices. The students decided to use their voices to do something about that. They focused their energies and efforts on encouraging others to get out and vote. This tiny, but mighty, team has led the way to write, stuff, label, stamp and send out over 1,000 letters and postcards in a matter of a few weeks. 

"Please use your voices and vote!" These are the words of wisdom from our youngest learners and incredible activists at Latin.

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