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TikTok: A Data Dilemma by Student Filmmaker Alyssa B. '22

The Independent Study Program (ISP) at Latin offers students the opportunity to discover their passions and learn about a topic that is tailored to their interests. Eleventh grade student Alyssa B. '22 is interested in filmmaking, specifically the editing and post-production aspects of the industry.
She decided to take the Documentary Filmmaking ISP with Visual Arts teacher and department chair Betty Lark Ross to learn more about the preproduction and interviewing process. "I decided that doing this ISP would be beneficial in making me a more well-rounded videographer, " said Alyssa. 

As part of this class, her final project was to create a film featuring in-depth interviews I decided that doing this ISP would be beneficial in making me a more well-rounded videographer.
Alyssa B. '22
with credible sources. News coverage surrounding a popular application called TikTok and its potential concern with cybersecurity inspired the concept of Alyssa's film.

"I felt like I could not find a singular source that summarized what was and was not accurate information about the app compared to other social media platforms," she said. "So, I decided to attempt to do so myself with my film."

Alyssa diligently researched the topic using credible sources for facts to include in her film. With the help of Latin's Director of Alumni Relations Stephanie Chu and her ISP advisor, she also interviewed experts in the field of cybersecurity (some of whom are Latin alums) to offer additional insight into the TikTok security controversy.

Alyssa then utilized her skills in animation and graphics to tell an informative story in this eight-minute video titled "TikTok: A Data Dilemma."

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