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Third Grade Students Learn how Taking Action Leads to a Greater Impact on our World

Our children have learned by taking action, one step at a time, each of our acts leads to a greater impact on our world. Here is just a highlight of taking action in the lower school.

The third grade were called to action by posing the essential question, "How can peacemakers make an impact in their community?" as they began their study of Chicago. Students began by studying historically significant peacemakers through picture books. Then we began to explore peacemaking in the city of Chicago. Students did this by interviewing community members in various neighborhoods, in an effort to better understand the strengths of our city, as well as some of the obstacles that residents face. They interviewed residents from Gold Coast, Lincoln Park and Uptown. This eventually led us to our field trip to Uptown where we were able to interview a number of Chicago peacemakers in the community, including: Jackie Taylor (CEO/Founder of the Black Ensemble Theater), Alderman Osterman, PC Gooden-Smily (community organizer), Kelly Cheng (Manager at Sun Wa BBQ), and Sarah Hollenbeck (Owner of Women and Children First). Through these interviews, students learned how they contribute to their neighborhood and solve problems in their neighborhood. This all culminates with the children proposing their own solution to one of the issues we learned about from one of the neighborhoods. Follow their journey!


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