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Ready, Set, Fourth Graders TAKE ACTION!

The fourth grade class has been inspired by this year's theme of "Action." They have been learning about how to take action and acts of kindness.

The fourth grade teachers recently presented on their peace unit at the National Council for Social Studies conference in Chicago. Here is an excerpt from the presentation:

Fourth graders explored the meanings of the words peace, activist, and upstander. We learned that peace can be viewed as an action and that one small action can create a bigger impact: a ripple effect of kindness. The students saw themselves as upstanders by identifying and using language that would allow them to step in and help themselves and others. They answered the essential questions of “What does it mean to be an upstander?” and “How can I be an upstander?” At the end of the unit, the fourth graders understood what it means to be an activist, what the characteristics are of an upstander, and how to step forward when they witness unfairness. They practiced using proactive language that directly addresses a conflict in a respectful and authentic way, working to communicate effectively with others and speaking from the “I” perspective – and not speaking for others.

Check out fourth graders at Cradles to Crayons as part of their commitment to taking action and service to the community. They sorted clothing, made outfit packs for children, cleaned and repaired toys, decorated well-wish cards, and cleaned and sorted books.


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