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Eighth Graders Research Climate Change and its Effects on our World

Did you know that Mitsubishi, a car manufacturer, is reducing CO2 output by 30% by lowering industrial emissions to 0 and lowering their power generation emissions significantly? Or that Gap, Inc., the clothing brand, promises to source all cotton from sustainable sources by 2025 and launched a pop-up shop in 2017 where customers could purchase up-cycled denim to bring awareness to clothing waste?
Climate change has been a topic in the news for many years. Eighth grade students in Kathleen Meade's science class took a deeper look into the effect climate change has on the world around them.

Students created visual representations about the topic, including an explanation of two signs of climate change, two solutions and three images that they associated with climate change. The last element on the piece of paper was one of their choices–they either calculated their families carbon footprint, researched legislation, identified companies making a difference or looked at current events. Check out an example of the one-page visual.



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