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Why did the chicken cross the road?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to Latin's sixth grade science class, of course!

Students in sixth grade science are studying animal behavior and animal biology. The focus is mostly on the groups of vertebrates, including birds as one of those groups. Sixth graders read a little bit about birds and the adaptations they have for flight and in the spring. They also did a little bird watching and citizen science through Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

To learn about feathers, students look at feather structure under the microscope and observe different types of feathers. Sixth grade student, Aislinn C. '25, brought in real chicken feathers from her family's chickens at home. In addition to the feathers, she also brought in one of her chickens. Aislinn created a presentation for the science classes, which included information about why her family has chickens and how to take care of them.

According to middle school science teacher Juliana Reese-Clauson, when students have the opportunity to learn from a peer and to have a hands-on experience by literally being able to put your hands on a bird, they are going to understand and remember more. It's also helpful for students to hear about someone else's experience that is different from theirs. Very few Latin students get up to feed the chickens in the morning before school. Aislinn’s classmates were very interested and full of questions, as most of them have very little experience with live chickens. See the students and chicken in action!


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