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Upper School Celebrates International Women and Girls in Science Day

Upper School Celebrates International Women and Girls in Science Day

International Women and Girls in Science Day was on February 11, but thanks to Latin's Women in STEM club, upper school students celebrated all week long.

Here is a recap of the inspiring speakers and presentations:

Erin Hanlon '95, our keynote speaker, spoke about her path into neuroscience research. In particular she talked about the impact that mentors had in helping her navigate her path. She also gave a glimpse into the questions that her lab at the University of Chicago are exploring around the detrimental effects of sleep loss and how sleep benefits health. 

Clare H. '20 spoke about her summer internship at a genetics lab at Northwestern where she worked alongside geneticists who were interested in exploring how the physical location of genes change when they are activated or repressed. She also shared an inside look into the research that she is hoping to do this summer on examining the stem cell component to certain tumors, such as glioblastoma. 

Julia F. '19 spoke about her work in computational genetics where she worked with a researcher on finding matching drugs for segments of RNA implicated in various medical conditions such as HIV. She gained experience working with a specific piece of software to do this and she spoke about the interesting connection between biology and computer science. She also explained how visualizing these molecules inspired her to create art with them. 

Sophie F. '19 spoke about her summer internship at the Field Museum where she was able to sequence DNA belonging to a new species of rodent. She was then able to place that rodent in the appropriate branch on an evolutionary tree. She also spoke about her experience teaching at the Field Museum in her rotations at the DNA discovery center. 

Tobbi M. '22 and Izzi O. '22 represented a group of freshmen students who have competed in the GEMS Global Design Challenge with their methane filtration system. They talked about some of their new ideas around finding ways to repurpose plastic products. 

Learn more about Latin's Women in STEM club and all the great things they are doing!


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