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*Please note the goals for Develop have been updated and are reflected further down on the webpage. 

For more than 130 years, our community has been singularly devoted to, and has continually redefined, excellence in education for our changing world. Our newly designed strategy with an updated vision statement, refined strategic direction and the articulation of four choices will guide our progress for years to come. 



To achieve our vision for educational excellence, our strategy is to LEAD by creating an inclusive, equitable and healthy culture for challenging and engaging learning. We will do this by integrating and bolstering our mission-aligned curricula, programs, practices and resources in order to create the best conditions for the growth, wellness and achievement of every learner in the Latin community. To execute, we are focusing on four interrelated strategic choices to be implemented in thoughtful combination.

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Note that the Latin Learner in the center of our strategy. Part of our new path for the future considers all members of the Latin community as learners and seeks to support all. Latin is a learning hub in which every member of our community is encouraged and able to develop the attributes that allow for growth and change: resiliency, self-advocacy, intrinsic motivation, curiosity and authenticity.



Integrate, deepen and make personal the Latin learning experience for each and every person in the Latin JK-12 community.

Implementation Priorities
Building on our legacy of master teaching, academic rigor and continuous, evidence-based improvement, we will intensify our work to embed experiential, inquiry, problem and project-based and real world learning strategies into the core program—recognizing that these approaches foster the skills, knowledge and capacities of modern learners. Importantly, we integrate these goals with our efforts to foster an inclusive, equitable and healthy culture for learning.

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Focus on engaging with our families, alumni and the city of Chicago to make student learning more connected to the professional world and the communities in which we live.

Implementation Priorities

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Invest in our leadership, faculty and staff as Latin’s most important assets in the development of our students.

Implementation Priorities

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Enhance or redesign Latin’s campus and facilities and align resources to achieve our vision for educational excellence.



Our vision for educational excellence is to reinforce the value of an exemplary liberal arts education that makes learning inquiry-based, personal and inclusive. Our approach expands each Latin Learner’s capacity for purposeful learning—whether in our school, our city or our world.

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Inquiry-based learning

Inquiry-based learning aims to place the student's own intellectual curiosity at the foundation of the learning process.


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Personal learning 

Personal learning recognizes that learners are valued and fully supported in the development of self-knowledge, interests and sense of purpose.

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Inclusive learning

Inclusive learning environments make space for all students to feel known, respected and cared for regardless of race, gender, identity, religion, sexual orientation or ability.



Our shared values of excellence, community and integrity affirm and define us. They serve as guideposts for all we do, and connect us — students, teachers, parents and alumni — to each other and to Latin.

  • We develop the skills, knowledge and desire to solve complex problems through a global, liberal arts curriculum and master teaching.
  • We identify our interests, learn to advocate for ourselves and others and become architects of our own educations.
  • We promote physical and emotional wellness because they are essential to the pursuit of educational excellence and our happiness.

  • We support and celebrate one another and take responsibility for our words and actions, because we shape the lives of others in our community.
  • We embrace diversity within our school and in Chicago, knowing that it deepens our learning and enhances our empathy.
  • We use our resources wisely in order to be good stewards of our community and our world.

  • We are honest, fair and fulfill the commitments we make, building a culture of respect and mutual trust.
  • We give our best effort, take intellectual risks and learn to persevere.
  • We reflect and live with purpose, working toward goals that embody our genuine interests.



The Latin School of Chicago provides its students with a rigorous and innovative educational program in a community that embraces diversity of people, cultures and ideas. Latin inspires its students to pursue their passions and lead lives of purpose and excellence.