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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We provide children with opportunities to see not only themselves, but also other people, cultures, perspectives and ideas.

Diversity, equity and inclusion efforts at Latin School of Chicago enable us to fulfill an important element of our strategic plan, which commits us to “...cultivate a more inclusive and supportive climate for all constituents.”

These efforts also further our expressed desire to ensure that all students and faculty, particularly those historically underrepresented, use their voices and thrive. Latin is committed to fostering a school and classroom culture, and a curriculum that supports these goals. In practice, that means presenting students with authentic windows and mirrors, a variety of perspectives and meaningful, immersive experiences that allow them to understand themselves, others and the world around them.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Action at Latin

How we define Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity At Latin School of Chicago, diversity is defined as the wide range of human characteristics and identities--both individual and group--that inform an individual’s lived experience. We believe that there is inherent value in the perspectives, ideas, and ways of being that are embodied in a diverse school community. 

EquityAt Latin School of Chicago, equity aims to ensure that  each individual has access to our resources and support according to their needs.  We strive to empower community members on their paths to success. We acknowledge that paths to success will vary with each individual and we commit to creating opportunities for all members for all the community to thrive. In short, equity aims to operationalize equality by differentiating support based on the needs of  each unique individual.

Inclusion At Latin School of Chicago, inclusion is defined as actively creating and sustaining an environment of respect in which all members of the community feel accepted, affirmed, empowered and safe. We agree that creating such an environment is a shared responsibility of all community members.

Our DEI Institutional Goals

The following goals are the result of a process that included gathering input from students, faculty, staff, families, alumni, Latin’s DEI practitioners and senior leadership. Five recurring themes emerged across all constituencies allowing us to identify both long term goals and short term action items that will assist us in addressing our comprehensive challenges.  This work is both urgent and important and requires full participation in order to deliver the inclusive experience we promise to every student and family.

Our Students and Faculty & Staff

43 percent identify as students of color

Middle School
fifth-eighth grade

Upper School
ninth-twelfth grade

Lower School
JK-fourth grade

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faculty members who identify as faculty of color


Our vision for educational excellence is to reinforce the value of an exemplary liberal arts education that makes learning inquiry-based, personal and inclusive. Our approach expands each Latin Learner's capacity for purposeful learning--whether in our school, our city or our world.

- Latin Strategic Plan

Our Council for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Chair: Eleannor Maajid, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Head of School  - Thomas Hagerman
  • Assistant Head of School - Shelley Greenwood
  • Divisional Directors - Bliss Tobin (lower school), Deb Sampey (middle school) and Kristine Von Ogden (upper school)
  • Divisional Diversity Coordinators - Kasey Taylor & Sheri Snopek (lower school), Kia London & Jen Nabers (middle school) and Kate Lorber-Crittenden (upper school)
  • Upper School Dean of Community Learning - Suzanne Callis
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Upper School Curriculum Coordinator - Brandon Woods
  • Board Members - Ron Seymore and Randy Mehrberg
  • Director of Academic Initiatives - Ingrid Dorer Fitzpatrick
  • Director of Athletics - Kirsten Richter
  • Director of Enrollment Management - Mark Copestake
  • Director of Human Resources- Susan Bolon
  • Faculty Council Representative - Nichol Hooker
  • Parent Association DEI Liaison - Felicia Clotworthy
  • Parent Association President - Daione Mitchell

Council for DEI Mission Statement

Provide ongoing support of and structure over diversity/equity/inclusivity work including programs for all students, faculty, and staff, particularly those who are historically underrepresented, and educate and partner with parents and the larger community in an effort to advance a more inclusive environment.

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