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A coeducational day school serving students JK-12

We are Resilient Romans

In our new vision and strategy that launched at the beginning of the year, it states that Latin has been redefining educational excellence for 130 years. Like all great schools, education must evolve for our ever-changing world. Who could have predicted our world would change so much? This pandemic has forced us to redefine how we learn; how we teach; how we communicate; how we lead; how we act as a community. In our first week of remote learning, we proved we could pivot quickly and hold together in an emergency. Going forward, we will prove that whether remote or in person, the conditions for excellence in learning are created and sustained through teacher-student connection. 


Remote Learning

The links below include overviews, online resources, guidelines and expectations for each division.

Lower School Plan

Middle School Plan

Upper School Plan


Research on Remote vs. Classroom Learning


COIVD-19 Resources

Messages from the Head of School to the Community

April 6, 2020
Message from the Head: Remote Learning Plan

March 31, 2020
Message from the Head: Looking Ahead

March 20, 2020
Latin Update

March 12, 2020
Information About Remote Learning

March 12, 2020
Classes Canceled Today

March 8, 2020
Updates Regarding COVID-19

March 3, 2020
2020 US Project Week Update #2

February 28, 2020
2020 US Project Week Update


students learning at home

3 Tips for Social Emotional Wellness During Remote Learning

  1. Set up a specific space for remote learning to take place. 
    Find spots that promote productive, focused work and ensure you have all the necessary supplies to begin remote learning.
  2. Stay healthy and charged.
    Take breaks between lessons to stretch, hydrate, or just unplug.
  3. Bring your best self to each remote learning lesson. 
    Take a deep breath and mentally prepare for the lesson ahead.

Ergonomic Workspace Tips and Posture Exercises

Enjoy these useful tips from Latin's Athletic Trainer, Jessie Heider, and Athletico.

Ergonomic Workstation Tips

Posture Exercises


We may be apart, but we are still #RomansTogether

As we kick off remote learning, we are also kicking off a social media campaign focused on keeping us together as a community. Please consider sharing a quick photo or video of your work-from-home-space as a way of connecting with students and each other this week. Feel free to include the people (and pets!) who are keeping you company. 

You can send the photos directly to, or post them to your own Instagram or Facebook account with the hashtag #RomansTogether.

If you don't feel like sharing, you can still follow along at

Instagram #RomansTogether photo collage