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For more than 130 years we've put students at the heart of everything we do. We're committed to seeing everyone within these walls succeed and reach their full potential through an educational experience that will empower them to tinker, to make mistakes, to ask questions, to change how they see the world around them.

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Something I learned at Latin that I still use today is the importance of stories.

Sadaf Jaffer '01

Being in classes that I feel engaged in, being with friends who I share passions with, this place just really makes me excited to come to school.

Jonah, Sophomore

My favorite class so far has been Algorithms and Data Structure. It's a computer science elective.

MacKenzie, Senior

Our Students Develop a

Lifelong Love of Learning

lower school student in Greenwood Garden
upper school athletics spring season 2021-22

The upper school athletics teams had a successful spring season! Check out their highlights and accomplishments.

Boys Baseball

  • Independent School League Champions
  • Illinois High School Association Regional Champions
  • All League: Sean Episcope '22, Ryan Kramer '22 (Player of the Year), Ben Flerlage '23, Patrick Shrake '23, Ashton Seymore '24

Girls Lacrosse

  • All Sectional: Reese Benford '24

Girls Soccer

  • Illinois High School Association Regional Champions
  • All League: Ella Reese-Clauson '22 (1st Team), Zoe Weiss '22 (1st Team), Ava Falk '23 (Honorable Mention)
  • All Sectional: Ella Reese-Clauson '22 (Honorable Mention), Zoe Weiss '22 (1st Team)

Girls Softball

  • All League: Maggie Zeiger '24

Boys Tennis

  • Independent School League Champions
  • Illinois High School Association Sectional Champions
  • Illinois High School Association State Champions
  • All League: Will Benford '22, Sam Cutinho '22, Joseph Gorman '22, Preston Rutledge '22, Akshay Garapati '23, Kiran Garapati '23, Zuhair Alsikafi '24, Cole Silverman '24
  • All Sectional: Will Benford '22, Sam Cutinho '22, Preston Rutledge '22, Akshay Garapati '23, Kiran Garapati '23, Zuhair Alsikafi '24
  • All State: Will Benford '22 (Doubles State Champions), Sam Cutinho '22 (Doubles State Champions), Preston Rutledge '22, Akshay Garapati '23, Kiran Garapati '23, Zuhair Alsikafi '24

Boys Track & Field

  • All League: Ryan Hardiman '22
  • All Sectional: Ryan Hardiman '22 (Runner of the Year), Kai Lugo '22, Jackson Ballard '23, Akili Parekh '23, Alika Lugo '24, Charlie Steffen '24, Ben Gibson '25, Daniel Goodman '25
  • All State: Ryan Hardiman '22 (2nd Place), Akili Parekh '23

Girls Track & Field

  • Independent School League Champions
  • Illinois High School Association Sectional Champions
  • All League: Coaching Staff of the Year, Ava Parekh '22, McLaine Leik '23, Alice Mihas '23, Mia Kotler '25
  • All Sectional: Ava Parekh '22, Alice Mihas '23, Tatum Kamin '25, Mia Kotler '25
  • All State: Ava Parekh '22, Mia Kotler '25

Boys Water Polo

  • All Sectional: Henry Rose '22 (2nd Team)

Girls Water Polo

  • All Sectional: Lauren Valentin '22



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Retirees 2021-22

We would like to say a very heartfelt thank you to the faculty and staff who will be leaving Latin this year for their service to the school. We wish you well in your next adventures!

Upper School

Shannon Barker-Fivelson, Upper School English
Joe Edwards, Upper School Dean
Bradley Leshem, Upper School Science Lab Manager
Lang Kanai, Upper School English
Tim Kendrick, Upper School Mathematics
Stephen Wright, Upper School Learning Resources

Middle School

Pamela Buchanan Miller (retiree), Middle School Counselor
Tom Canright (retiree), Middle School Mathematics
Gabriel Di Genarro, Middle and Upper School Vocal Music
Jeff Newmark (retiree), Middle School Mathematics

Lower School

Terri Eaton, Senior Kindergarten Lead Teacher 
Brenda V.H. Friedman (retiree), Lower School Art
Patrick Huett, Lower School Math Interventionist
Cameron Pilcher, First Grade Lead Teacher
Meghan Smith, Third Grade Lead Teacher
Brigitte Viard, First Grade Lead Teacher

LS Assistant Teachers:
Grace Bernard
Megan Friesen
Caroline Holling
Lily Kawer
Michelle Martinez
Elizabeth Mintz
Anthony Mucia
Janyl Romero
Karen Shields
Levi Shrader
Jessica Weed


Janessa Butler, Assistant Director of Development, Annual Giving
Annika Cole, Development and Alumni Relations Coordinator
Randall Dunn, Head of School
Hamdi Hachim (retiree), Facilities
Anne Hobbs (retiree), Director of Development
Caroline Hufstader, Associate Director of Development, Annual Giving
Jamie McInerney, Athletics Operations Coordinator
Kristin Provencher, Assistant to the Head of School
Liqui Scruggs, Reception

Community & Traditions

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  • Community & Traditions
  • lower school
  • middle school
  • upper school
photo of Brandel Tanis

Freyja Brandel-Tanis '14 has been named a 2022-2023 Fulbright Scholar. Brandel-Tanis will graduate from Georgia Tech with a master's in city and regional planning and MS in civil engineering this spring.

She has been awarded a Fulbright research award at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway and will be conducting stakeholder focus groups on the role of digital twins in sustainable transportation modeling. Her work will be an early stage in long-term research at NTNU to ensure the complexity of transportation systems is considered in future digital twins.

(Digital twins have established use in manufacturing and rocketry to virtually replicate physical environments and test potential scenarios, and some modelers and officials see their potential to improve on current transportation modeling technologies.)

Outside of her research, Brandel-Tanis is planning to engage with local queer organizations and ride her bike as well as exploring the Trondheim's public transit system. After her Fulbright, she plans to return to the US and work as a city planner/civil engineer before eventually pursuing a PhD.

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upper school graduate with family

Latin Changemakers

Sadaf Jaffer
Sadaf Jaffer

Professor, Mayor of Montgomery Township, NJ

"Not only can you be informed about politics, you can actually shape politics, especially at the local level, in a very real way."

Sadaf Jaffer '01 has a prestigious day job, two day jobs in fact: teaching courses on Islam and South Asia through literature and film while also working on a book about secularism among Indian intellectuals as a post-doctoral research associate at Princteon University's Institute for International and Regional Studies. So what prompted her to add to her workload and run for public office? Read more.

Class of '01
Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller

Artist, Art Director, Web Developer

“I don’t usually start out with a specific image in mind. The final work is a result of the process.”

Ezra Miller '15 recalls a point in the summer of this year where he was stressing over a project. He was commissioned by fashion house Balenciaga to create a video for Paris Fashion Week that would be displayed on the floor and walls of a giant tunnel made up of hundreds of LED panels. The idea, a brainchild of Canadian conceptual artist Jon Rafman, was that models would walk through the tunnel for a 15-minute performance. Read more.

Photo credit: @ezzzrrra via Instagram

Class of '15
Rendel Solomon
Rendel Solomon

Investor, Founder of One Stock One Future

"If I can get an 8-year-old to think about ownership from the simple act of giving her shares, then why can’t I do that with 10 more kids, a 100 more, 1,000 more?"

Latin alum Rendel Solomon '96 is on a mission to instill a sense of hope in underserved youth by turning them into empowered shareholders. Inspired by his great-grandparents' experience as sharecroppers in the early 1900s and his 8-year-old niece's interest in learning what it means to be a shareholder, Solomon founded the nonprofit organization One Stock One Future. Read more.

Class of '96
Ike Barinholtz
Ike Barinholtz
“There were years between jobs – very long years – when I was wondering whether I should have really gone into finance. But somehow I was able to always bluff my way into a part or a writing job. I think people realized that I was willing to do just about anything.”

Ike Barinholtz '95 is having a good year. He has his dream job playing Morgan Tookers, an ex-con male nurse with a heart of gold, on "The Mindy Project" while at the same time writing for the show with his longtime fellow alum and writing partner Dave Stassen '95. Read More.

Class of '95

Erin Hanlon
Erin Hanlon
“Latin taught me from a young age how to be organized, think critically and manage a rigorous academic load.”

Erin Hanlon '95 always knew she'd be a teacher – she just imagined her students would be a bit younger.

"I've wanted to be a teacher since I was a small child," she said. "I had envisioned being a kindergarten or grade school teacher, so my current career path is somewhat different than what I thought it might be." Read More.

Class of '95

Lisa Madigan
Lisa Madigan
Illinois's first female Attorney General
“I received an outstanding education at Latin.”

Even in high school, Illinois Attorney general Lisa Madigan stood out because of her political awareness and commitment to social justice issues. She was active in student government, and vocal about her opinions on topics ranging from women's rights to apartheid in South Africa. Madigan went on to study government at Georgetown University and worked for Illinois Sen. Paul Simon in Washington, D.C. After college, she spent a year volunteering as a high school teacher in South Africa.

Read More.

Class of '84

Billy Dec
Billy Dec

Entertainment Entrepreneur, Restaurateur

“Latin opened my eyes to how much could be accomplished if I took things seriously. If I want something, I know I just have to put the work in to get it. That has turned out to have a really great impact on my life.”

"You have one life. Why not give a little to make things better for yourself and those around you?"

By his early 20s, Billy Dec was known as Chicago's leading nightclub impresario. These days he is making a name for himself nationally as one of the city's most successful restaurateurs and entertainment entrepreneurs. Read More.

Class of '90