At Latin, we understand that our teachers are the heart of the school. They provide context, content and coherence to the learning environment, serve as role models and shape students' lives forever. Believing in each student's ability to achieve, and recognizing the many varied gifts of children, our faculty create myriad opportunities for our students' success.

It is Latin's goal to attract, recruit and retain an exceptional faculty that is inspiring, diverse and committed to the school's mission. We support our teachers by welcoming them into an environment that encourages them to excel and by maintaining a generous salary and benefits package that helps them to flourish and grow.

Why teach at Latin?
  • A community dedicated to life-long learning – our teachers, whether they have five years or 50 years of classroom experience, learn together and mentor one another.

  • The freedom to create and shape curriculum – Latin teachers are empowered to build innovative and enriching curriculum that will change children’s lives.

  • Quality of students – Latin students are enthusiastic learners who seek purpose and excellence.

  • Institutional support for professional development – Latin teachers are encouraged to pursue their passions and develop their knowledge through experiences ranging from conferences to travel.

  • Small class sizes – Students and teachers have opportunities to build important relationships in an intimate learning environment.

  • A close-knit community – Our teachers and administrators know and care for one another.

  • Commitment to diversity – Latin endeavors to attract teachers and students from a variety of backgrounds and supports diverse ideas and opinions.

  • A community-wide value system – Citizenship, service, moral integrity and civility are all part of the Latin experience for teachers and staff as well as students.
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      “I am lucky to work with students who demonstrate genuine intellectual curiosity and a strong sense of self-motivation. My students are passionate about exploring the depths of what they are learning and discovering the relevant connections to their lives.” – SCIENCE TEACHER, AT LATIN SINCE 2002