A coeducational day school serving students JK-12

Board Committees

Academic Program Committee
The Academic Program Committee’s role is to ensure that the school develops, implements and maintains programs that are consistent with a student-focused approach to education and advance the school’s position as an educational leader among independent schools.

Committee on Trustees
The Committee on Trustees’ role is to ensure effective governance and support the long-term mission of the school. This includes nominating trustees and officers annually for election and/or approval, in accordance with the school's by-laws. The Committee also periodically reviews the size, composition, committee structure, by-laws and policies of the Board.

Development Committee
The Development Committee’s role is to oversee all fundraising activities at the school. This includes ensuring that the school prioritizes capital and endowment needs appropriately as well as designing and implementing fundraising strategies that will enable Latin to excel as a leading independent school.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee’s role is to set the policy agenda for the Board each year, coordinate the work of Board committees, and assist the Head of School as sounding board and counsel.

The role of the Facilities Committee is to oversee the material aspects of the development and maintenance of the school’s buildings and grounds. The Committee oversees the strategies for achieving the plant and facilities goals of the Long Range Plan, which are to provide an outstanding physical environment that meets the needs of the school’s educational program and takes into consideration the school community’s requirements in the areas of health, safety, aesthetics, accessibility and environmental impact.

Faculty, Staff and Administration Committee
The role of the Faculty, Staff and Administration Committee is to provide oversight of the personnel-related functions of the school. This is accomplished by (1) periodically reviewing relevant Latin policies and procedures to ensure they are in place and make a positive contribution to the achievement of the Strategic Plan; and (2) studying and supporting general personnel policies and practices as they contribute to quality of life, professional development and productivity, recognizing that Latin’s faculty, staff and administration are the School’s core resources for delivering the transcendent educational experience that is the mission of the School.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee’s role is to oversee all material aspects of the school’s financial planning and reporting, control and audit functions, as well as overseeing endowment, campaign and operating investments. This includes focusing on the qualitative aspects of financial reporting and on the school’s processes for the management of business/financial risk and compliance with significant applicable legal, ethical and regulatory requirements. In addition, the Finance Committee will focus on identifying financial trends/situations that could materially impact the long-term financial health of the school.

Strategic Planning Committee
The Strategic Planning Committee’s role is to provide oversight of, and support to, the Head of School and administration as they implement the School’s 2013-18 Strategic Plan.
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